Don’t get Ticked this Summer!

Ticks are not only creepy and unpleasant to find on your pet or yourself; they are notorious for causing Lyme disease in pets and humans. Did you know they can also cause anemia, paralysis, Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever, Babesiosis, Bartonella, and Erlichiosis? Ticks like to hide out in woodsy areas or tall grasses and brush and attach themselves in wrinkles and less hairy spots on any passing dog, cat, or human that gets close enough. They can stay attached and feed on blood for hours or days, and if not properly removed, their heads can stay lodged in the skin!

    Fortunately, it is easy and cost-effective to prevent tick infestation in your pet. Forget useless and potentially dangerous sprays and collars—the best way to greatly reduce the risk of tick-borne diseases is to use a proven safe and effective medication like Frontline or Nexgard every 30 days. You can pick these two preventatives up without a prescription from us at Fairgrounds Animal Hospital anytime—they even come with a guarantee from the manufacturer! These medications stop ticks in their tracks by killing them as soon as they bite your pet. We want to keep your pets, you, and your family safe from parasites this summer by arming you with the power of prevention!

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