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Compassionate Pet End-of-Life Care


Palliative Care

Watching a beloved pet’s health decline is often an extremely difficult experience for pet owners. It is very literally like losing your best friend, and we know how difficult it is to make the decision to euthanize your pet.

Our compassionate staff members promise to do everything in our power to make this difficult time less painful for your pet and you.

We place the utmost importance on focusing on your loved one’s pain management and level of comfort. Our expert staff is considerate of your pet’s health needs and will work tirelessly to ensure that his or her final days are as comfortable as possible.

At Fairgrounds Animal Hospital, our staff also wants to be there for you emotionally during such difficult times. We understand that constant trips to the doctors can be exhausting and compound the stress you feel during this difficult time. While we do provide a comforting and calm environment for pets, we completely understand families desiring privacy. That is why we offer at-home euthanasia. It allows your pet’s final day to be at home where he or she belongs—with you and your family, in a familiar, cozy environment.

Our staff feels it is truly a gift that so many of our patients grow up and grow older with us. We truly care for our patients as individuals, and we certainly can empathize with the pain of losing a cherished pet.

We also realize that because the bonds between our pets and us are so strong, preparing for a pet to pass away and grieving the loss of a pet is extremely difficult.

We know personally how painful the loss of a pet feels, and we’ve provided a few resources for pet owners to observe in hopes that any advice or information can help ease some of their pain. Even a small gesture, like lighting a candle, is a nice way to remember a beloved pet. Without question, our compassionate staff tries to be there for dog, cat, and rabbit owners through every stage of their pets’ lives.