Pet Beneficiary

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An estimated 1 million dogs and cats have been named as a primary beneficiary in their owners will.

pet beneficiarySurveys have revealed that more and more pet owners are choosing a pet beneficiary as the primary beneficiary in their will. Many pet owners are treating our treasured, loyal companions and family pets as members of the family extending to family fortunes as well.

When it comes to deciding who to put as a primary beneficiary in our wills, our pets were sixth most popular, just below children, spouses and close family friends.


Top Puppy Names

Most Popular Dog Names 2014

Top Puppy Names 2014Do you know what the top dog names for 2015 were? We’ve come a long way from dog names like Fido, Rover and Spot. reviewed it’s database of almost 1 million registered pet names last year. Max and Bella take the top spots for top puppy names for the second year running.

Here are the to 10 list for top puppy names for both male and female puppies in 2014. Continue…

Cat Communication

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cat meowingA cat will almost never meow at another cat. Cats use this sound for humans.

A cat’s meow can mean a lot of things, but mostly cat’s meow to communicate with humans more so than other cats. Cat communication is a subtle language. Cat’s mainly communicate with each other with scent and body language. There are 19 different types of meow which differ in pitch, rhythm, volume, pitch and the situation. Meows are usually used to communicate a cat’s wants or needs to their person (i.e. hungry, seeking attention, asking for help).


World’s Largest Dog

Did You Know?

The World’s Largest Dog was 150 pounds

Zeus - Largest Dog in the WorldThe world’s largest dog was a Great Dane named Zeus. Zeus lived to be five years old. Zeus stood 3 feet 8 inches tall and weighed 150 pounds. Standing on his hind legs, Zeus was 7 feet 4 inches tall.

At 3 years old, Zeus ate 12 cups of dog food per day. Giant dog breeds, which include Great Danes tend to grow rapidly, but overall they take longer to reach maturity than any other type of dog.