Thanksgiving Safety for Pets

Thanksgiving-dog-and-catThanksgiving is a time for family and friends to join together, whether they are two-legged or four-legged. As you are preparing for Thanksgiving and making plans, it is important to be aware of common pet hazards associated with the Thanksgiving holiday. Here are some Thanksgiving safety for pets to keep you and your family out of the Animal Emergency Room for the holiday.

Our Thanksgiving Safety Tips for Pets Include:


Thanksgiving Pet Safety Tips


Thanksgiving is such a wonderful and meaningful holiday. Families and friends gather together to show gratitude for all that they are so fortunate to have. Your Reno Animal Hospital,  Fairgrounds Animal Hospital would would like to offer some Thanksgiving pet safety tips to keep the Happy in Happy Thanksgiving for you and your pets.

  • If you are traveling or just hosting guests at home for the Thanksgiving holiday, make sure that your pet is wearing athankgiving safety tips - fairgrounds animal hospital collar with ID tags with your current contact information.
  • Update your pets microchip, if your pet is not microchipped, call our office to make an appointment for your pet today!!
  • If you are leaving town without your pet, use a good pet sitter or boarding facility. Do not leave your pets alone or unattended for days – accidents can happen!!
  • Explain to guests to be careful at doors. If your pet will dash for the door, keep him/her in another room while guests are coming in or out.
  • Make sure that you pet get his or her regular exercise and playtime whether with you or with a pet sitter for the Thanksgiving holiday.
  • Keep toys and treats on hand when hosting guests to distract pets and reward good behavior.
  • Supervise all interactions between pets and kids for everyone’s safety.
  • If your are hosting Thanksgiving guests, remind them not to feed your pet table scraps.
  • Does your pet table surf? Keep your pet occupied in another room while you do the cooking.
  • After the meal, remove all the trash and bones immediately. Curious pets can cause themselves serious harm chewing on sharp bones.

Some Heartfelt Facts About Dental Disease

Pet Dental Procedure - Fairgrounds Animal HospitalSo you’ve brought your dog in to see her veterinarian for an annual checkup, and he recommends that she has a dental prophylaxis or dental cleaning. You’re given an estimate for the procedure, and it’s almost $400! It seems so expensive, and you find yourself wondering, “Do I really need to spend the money on this? It’s just bad breath right?”

Well, it’s not just bad breath. Your dog can develop gum disease, which can lead to serious internal illnesses, especially heart disease.

Let’s discuss how it all goes down – how does your dog get gum disease, how does it lead to heart disease, and finally, what concerns come along with a pet with heart disease? Continue…

Preventative Dental Care for Dogs and Cats

Dr. Eryn performs a dental procedure at Fairgrounds Animal HospitalEvery November and February is Dental Health Month here at Fairgrounds Animal Hospital. This month, we will be bringing special focus to oral health and preventative dental care for dogs and cats – why dental care is so important for our pets and what it entails. Studies done in the 1970’s showed that periodontal disease is the most prevalent of any disease among our companion animals! Plaque and tartar build up is about 80% bacteria; that is why a pet with even a moderate amount of tartar can have horrible breath! Worse, tartar damages the gums, the jawbones, and the ligaments that hold the teeth in place, can cause infection in the tooth and bone, make teeth painful, and leaks bacteria into the bloodstream, damaging the kidneys, heart, and lungs. This process makes our pets feel sick, and shortens their lives by years! That is a big factor why, in the 1970’s, most pets didn’t live as long, and their senior years were often unpleasant ones. Continue…