International Guide Dog Day

Guide dogs are some of the most amazing dogs on the planet!! Today is International Guide Dog Day!! This holiday celebrates the importance of guide dogs and how they help the blind and visually impaired live their daily lives.

Fairgrounds Animal Hospital works in partnership with Guide Dogs for the Blind. Did you know that Guide Dogs for the Blind trains 70% of Labradors Retrievers, 15% of Golden Retrievers, and 15% of German Shepherds to become guide dogs? After 2 years of formal training, a guide dog is matched with a blind or visually impaired person based on desired size, life style, and energy level. Learn more about this amazing program by visiting Guide Dogs for the Blind.

National Kids and Pets Day

Today is National Kids and Pets Day!! Today we celebrate the special bond between kids and animals. This holiday brings awareness to animals in need of a loving home and educates the public about safety between kids and pets. It was created to recognize the strong bond that kids have with their pets. Children who grow up with pets learn about compassion, responsibility, and care giving. Continue…

World Veterinary Day

Whether you’re a cat person, a dog person, a rabbit person, or a horse person there is one thing all pet owners have in common….a veterinarian.

World Veterinary Day is a holiday that was created in 2000 by the World Veterinary Association to recognize the life saving work done by the veterinarians around the world. Today is the the day to raise a paw, hoof, or wing to say thank you to veterinarians for all of their hard work.

National Pet Parents Day

Pet Parents Day | Fairgrounds Animal Hsopital

Today is National Pet Parents Day!!! This “unofficial” holiday was founded by Veterinary Pet Insurance (VPI) in 2007 to celebrate families that consider pets part of their family.

There is a special and unique bond that pet parents share with their pets. Do you consider your pets to be part of your family? How do your pets impact your life?



Jog With Your Dog 5K and Pet Expo


Mark your calendar and come visit with our staff at the 2016 Jog with Your Dog Event!!! Fairgrounds Animal Hospital will have a booth set up at Jog With Your Dog in Wingfield Park on May 21, 2016 from 8 am- 1 pm. The Jog With Your Dog 5k and Pet Expo is a fun 5k run along the river, pet expo and pet beauty pageant.  We will have interactive learning activities and games for you and your pet. Call our office at (775) 329-4106 if you have questions about this event. Hope to see you there!!!

Heartworms, Hookworms, and Roundworms, Oh My!

By: Tamara Kees
Veterinary Assistant
Fairgrounds Animal Hospital

April is Heartworm and Parasite Prevention Month at Fairgrounds Animal Hospital

heartworm prevention - Fairgrounds Animal Hospital

I would like to give you an overview of heartworm disease and how to prevent it easily and safely with a once-a-month chewable tablet. Heartworm disease is an often fatal illness that affects over 1 million and an unknown number of cats every year in the U.S. Heartworms are a parasite that can be transmitted into a dog or cat’s bloodstream via mosquito bites. A mosquito that has bitten an infected dog, cat, or wild animal will transmit heartworm larvae when it bites an uninfected animal. Once infected, a dog or cat will not show symptoms, sometimes for years, while the heartworm larvae grow into full blown worms and lodge themselves in the heart. Treating a full blown heartworm infection can cost thousands of dollars, be very complicated, and is often unsuccessful. Often, by the time symptoms show, it is too late to successfully treat. Symptoms include coughing, difficulty breathing and lethargy.


National Pet Day

National Pet Day | Fairgrounds Animal HospitalToday is National Pet Day!! Did you know that there are approximately 86 million cats and 78 million dogs living in the US today? Let’s not forget about rabbits, gerbils, horses, snakes, birds, turtles and fish!!

If you consider your pet a part of the family, you’re not alone, 6 out of 10 pet owners feel exactly the same way!!! Celebrate National Pet Day with your pets today by giving them an extra long walk, a special treat or call to schedule an exam to keep them in good health!!!