Flea and Tick Prevention

flea and tick prevention - fairgorunds animal hospitalSummer is here, and that means the bugs are more prevalent than any other time of the year. Fleas and ticks can latch on to your pet if they are out hiking and camping with you, if they come into contact with another animal that has fleas or ticks, and even if they just go outside a couple times a day to potty in the yard! Fortunately, flea and tick infestation can be prevented with a simple monthly chew or a packet of liquid that is placed on the skin behind the collar, just once per month. The products we trust are Nexguard chewable and Frontline topical. It is true that useless, potentially toxic flea collars and untrustworthy preventatives can be found in the store, but they are not safe or effective—don’t be deceived! With a quick visit to the vet you can set your pet up for the whole summer! Continue…

Meet the Fairgrounds Animal Hospital Staff

Jenny Combs - Fairgrounds Animal Hospital

Jenny is a Receptionist at Fairgrounds Animal Hospital. She is most likely one of the first faces that you and your pet will see when arriving at our hospital and one of the last faces you will see when leaving.

How did you first learn about Fairgrounds Animal Hospital?

When I moved to Reno, I was actively looking for a job I had experience in. I Googled animal hospitals, and Fairgrounds was one of the first places that caught my interest. I checked out the website and liked what I saw, so I ended up calling to see if they were hiring.

What is your role at Fairgrounds Animal Hospital?

I’m a receptionist! Among other titles I could carry. I’m pretty much one of the first and last  person at Fairgrounds you see or talk to. Continue…

Take Your Dog to Work Day

National Take Your Dog to Work DayJune 20th is Take Your Dog to Work Day !

Does your heart break a little every time you leave your dog at home during the workweek? Well, today is your lucky day! An organization called Pet Sitters International declared the first Take Your Dog to Work Day in 1999. The purpose of this unique holiday is to celebrate our furry best friends, and to encourage pet adoption. Each year on the Friday after Father’s Day, thousands of work places including Fairgrounds Animal Hospital participate in this nationwide event. Continue…

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Does My Cat or Dog Have Worms?

Dr. Jessica Groeneweg Fairgrounds Animal Hospital Does My Dog or Cat have worms? By: Jessica Groeneweg, DVM

It’s disturbing to think that your dog or cat may have worms inside of them. Intestinal worms are the most common type that we see in our dogs and cats. However, other dog or cat worms are out there as well.

If you are adding a new puppy or kitten to the household, then you should have them dewormed when they are at your veterinarian for their puppy and kitten vaccinations. Roundworms are one of the most common intestinal worms we see. They can be transferred from mom to baby through the placenta. In older animals, these worms can be ingested from a contaminated environment, or by ingesting another animal that has the roundworm larvae. Continue…


National Pet Appreciation Week

national pet appreciation weekJune 6th through 11th is National Pet Appreciation Week!

It is a great feeling to come home and be excitedly greeted by our pets!!  Our pets make us feel appreciated, and this week we can return that appreciation.

Showing your pet that you appreciate them benefits both of you. Studies show that owning a pet improves heart health and helps to decrease stress and anxiety. When you take your canine friend for a thirty minute walk every day, you’re also getting your daily amount of recommended exercise, which will extend both of your lives!

Show your pet a little extra love this week and let them know how much you appreciate them!!  They’ll sure feel appreciated and we bet you will feel pretty awesome about it too!!

Here are some ideas on how you can celebrate National Pet Appreciation Day with your pet.


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