Summer Pet Safety Tips

is your pet safe this summer - fairgorunds animal hospitalThere are many things to think about this summer in terms of keeping your pet safe. Here are some summer pet safety tips that we here at Fairgrounds Animal Hospital hope will keep your pets happy, healthy and having fun:

Do You Take Your Pet Camping or Hiking?

Great! Please make sure they are covered when it comes to ticks and heartworms. There are most likely mosquitoes where you are pitching your tent, and mosquitoes are the carrier for heartworm that can be life threatening for dogs and cats. Ticks have been seen in our area, and are certainly in the mountains and forests. If a tick is on your dog for more than 24 hours, it can transmit disease.  Continue…

Heat Exhaustion in Dogs

By Tamara Kees

  heat exaustion in dogs - fairgorunds animal hospital  July is Summer Safety Month here at Fairgrounds Animal Hospital, and we’d love to keep you in the know about a serious and sometimes fatal condition these hot days can bring: heat exhaustion and heatstroke. Every summer we admit several dogs who have been overheated and are in serious trouble. For some, it’s already too late to save them. We don’t ever want to see our clients and patients suffer from this preventable tragedy, so today we’ll discuss how to detect heat exhaustion, what to do if you see your dog in distress from overheating, and ways you can make sure it never happens to your furry family members! Continue…