Cutest Pet Photo Contest: Top 8

Thanks to everyone that has participated in the Fairgrounds Animal Hospital 2016 Cutest Pet Photo Contest so far!! We have had over 20 entries and 200 votes already!! You can check out the top 8 entries below. Adorable, right?

There is still time to submit your cutest pet photos!! Entries can be submitted  through 10/31/2016, winners will be chosen by you according to # of Facebook likes. There is still plenty of time to submit your cutest pet photos or vote for you favorites!!!

Submit Your Photos & Vote for Your Favorites

Submit your cutest pet photos here. You can also vote for your favorites here. Winners will be announced 11/12/2016.

Top 8 2016 Cutest Pet Photo Contest Submissions

Fairgrounds Animal Hospital Photo Booth | Open House 9/24/2016


Thank you all for attending our Fairgrounds Animal Hospital Open House on Saturday! Please take a second to check out some photos from our Fairgrounds Animal Hospital Photo Booth. We enjoyed seeing you and your pets and having the opportunity to show you what goes on behind the scenes when your pet goes to the vet. We hope that it was informative, as well as fun!!


Chronic Kidney Disease in Pets


By: Jessica Groeneweg, DVM

   Kidney Disease is a concern in our pets, both dogs and cats. However, cats are more likely to have kidney disease at some point. Over 30% of cats will have kidney disease at any age in their lives. When cats get older, almost half of the cat population acquires some form or stage of kidney disease. This causes sickness and death in many cats. Continue…

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To MicroChip or Not to MicroChip?

A Look Into Microchipping Your Pet

By Tamara Kees

 20150617_094400 (1)   September is travel safety and microchip awareness month at Fairgrounds Animal Hospital, so let’s start by talking microchips! We know you might be wondering what a microchip is, and why you would want one for your pet. Microchips are essentially an ID tag that can never fall off or be taken away if your pet is ever lost or kidnapped—unlike the tags on his or her collar. It is not a tracking device, but it can still dramatically increase the odds that a lost or kidnapped pet will make it back home! A microchip can be scanned at any vet clinic or animal shelter, and the staff makes sure to scan every pet that is new to them during the first visit. A microchip implanted on your pet will be registered under your name, and as long as you update the associated company with changes in your phone number and address, it will have your current contact information attached. Many, many lost or kidnapped pets have been returned home safely because they had a registered microchip in place! Continue…

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