The Fleas are Jumping this Year!!

With the wetter weather of La Nina this year comes the bugs—and fleas are one concern for your dog or outdoor/indoor cat. Fleas can cause your pet skin rashes and infections, allergic reactions, anemia, can cause them to hurt themselves by scratching and biting, and can even give them tapeworms! Rarely, these tapeworms can be passed to humans—especially young children—and fleabites can cause rashes and skin infection in humans too. Once fleas ride in on your pet, you must also disinfect your whole home and all of your bedding, which can get pretty costly. Fortunately, there is an easy way to prevent all of this trouble from striking your family and pets!

    Here are some tips for preventing the spread of disease from these parasites: make sure to give a safe, proven preventative like Frontline or Nexgard. A once-per-month dose will keep your pet free from infestation all year long! Also, keep your pets away from potentially infectious wildlife and avoid having favorable conditions in your yard to attract raccoons, opossums, and rodents like rats and squirrels. Even though Nevada is a drier state than California, we still see fleas regularly in pets at our clinic—they are lurking out there waiting for a tasty blood meal.