Cat Communication

Did You know?

cat meowingA cat will almost never meow at another cat. Cats use this sound for humans.

A cat’s meow can mean a lot of things, but mostly cat’s meow to communicate with humans more so than other cats. Cat communication is a subtle language. Cat’s mainly communicate with each other with scent and body language. There are 19 different types of meow which differ in pitch, rhythm, volume, pitch and the situation. Meows are usually used to communicate a cat’s wants or needs to their person (i.e. hungry, seeking attention, asking for help).

Cat Communication -The Language of Smell

Cats have scent glands on their chin, lips and at the base of their tail. Each cat has it’s own scent signature. When a cat rubs against something or someone it leaves it’s scent signature. Cats use this scent signature to communicate with other cats by marking objects around them. Cats that are familiar or friendly with each other will rub against each other. When a cat scratches it is leaving a visible marker for other cats with it’s scent signature.

Cat Communication – Body Language

Cats use body language to communicate with one another. Feline body language is complex and subtle with 25 different visual signals used in 16 combinations. The most dramatic body language occurs when rival males meet, during courtship or over fiercely protecting territory. You may also see may visual signals of body language when cats play on their own, with other cats or humans. Cats body language can be read by looking at their whole body, the face, posture and the tail position.

If cats are meowing they are trying to communicate with you. Cats love to hear the their name and the sound of your voice. Communicate with your cat and take the time to learn what their meows and purrs mean so you can know you cats wants and needs and keep you cat playful, happy and healthy.