Urgent Care and Walk-In Exams

If you notice your animal has a wound, please call Fairgrounds Animal Hospital at 775-329-4106 and bring your animal in for an Urgent Care exam.

In addition to scheduled appointments, the Doctors at Fairgrounds Animal Hospital also see Urgent care/walk-in exams on a daily basis. Dog and cat fight wounds and bites are unfortunately a frequent occurrence we see year-round. Often times, the fight may be between animals from the same family but can also be from another dog at the dog park or walking along the street. It is important to keep your animals updated on his or her rabies vaccine in case they are bit by another animal or they bite another dog, cat or human, as this can lead to state-regulated quarantine or, in the unfortunate case of an un-vaccinated pet, euthanasia. Continue…

Welcome Dr. Diana Kushlan

Dr. Kushlan | Fairgrounds Animal Hospital


We are thrilled  welcome Dr. Diana Kushlan to Fairgrounds Animal Hospital and announce that our hospital has new hours including Saturdays!

Please join us in welcoming Dr. Diana Kushlan to Fairgrounds Animal Hospital.  Dr. Kushlan comes from a Navy family and spent her early years moving around with her family. She received her BS in Chemistry, followed by her PhD in the same subject from Penn State University. After working in the academic field for over seven years, she headed to the University of IL and graduated with a DVM in 1999. From there94, Dr. Kushlan became the owner of Sierra View Animal Hospital until it closed in 2013. She then spent the next 5 years working at a small animal hospital and ER in Texas before joining our team at Fairgrounds Animal Hospital. Dr. Kushlan currently lives in Carson City with her 3 dogs Kaci, Melvin and Molly.




With the addition of Dr. Kushlan, we are also excited to announce that we have new hours including Saturday scheduled, urgent care and walk-in appointments!

With Dr. Kushlan coming on board, we will now be able to extend hospital hours with Saturday urgent care, walk-in and scheduled appointments now available from 8 a.m. – 2 p.m. starting November 2nd. Visit our website here: http://ow.ly/ODcg30mj56M or call our office at (775) 329-4106 to set up you Saturday appointment today! Continue…

Meet the Fairgrounds Animal Hospital Staff

Jenny Combs - Fairgrounds Animal Hospital

Jenny is a Receptionist at Fairgrounds Animal Hospital. She is most likely one of the first faces that you and your pet will see when arriving at our hospital and one of the last faces you will see when leaving.

How did you first learn about Fairgrounds Animal Hospital?

When I moved to Reno, I was actively looking for a job I had experience in. I Googled animal hospitals, and Fairgrounds was one of the first places that caught my interest. I checked out the website and liked what I saw, so I ended up calling to see if they were hiring.

What is your role at Fairgrounds Animal Hospital?

I’m a receptionist! Among other titles I could carry. I’m pretty much one of the first and last  person at Fairgrounds you see or talk to. Continue…

Superstar Pet Abby

Abby-Weight Loss-Fairgrounds Animal Hospital

Abby is Fairgrounds Animal Hospitals superstar pet this week!!! Abby has lost 10 pounds and is doing a great job on her weight loss routine. We couldn’t be more proud of her for all of her hard work!! A combination of medication, special diet and exercise are helping Abby reach her goal weight. Abby is an older girl but her recent weight loss has her acting like a puppy. Great job Abby, keep up the good work!!!

Welcome New Patients

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We would like to welcome some of our new patients to Fairgrounds!! Say hello to Ben, Pixie, Sparky and Gizmo. We are excited that they are here and look forward to taking care of  them for a long time!!

We want the best veterinary care for your pet. We try our best to make scheduling an exam for your pet as simple and convenient as possible. Did you know you can schedule an appointment with us, fill out new client paper work or request a prescription refill from our website?

Call us today if you would like to schedule an appointment for your pet.

Puppy Vaccines


The staff at Fairgrounds Animal Hospital loves welcoming fresh new faces to our hospital. Adorable puppies and kittens make our day, always bringing smiles to every team member.

Within the first few days of adopting your puppy , it is very important to have your pet seen by a veterinarian for a complete nose-to-tail examination.

When Puppies are born and are nursing from their mothers, they are given an uncertain amount of immunity called maternal antibodies. How long they last is up to the individual animal. The antibodies leave the body at different times therefore it’s hard to determine when each puppy or kitten is protected against which disease. It’s important to vaccinate starting at 8 weeks of age; this is when most maternal antibodies could be starting to leave the animal’s system. It’s also important to not assume that giving one vaccine will provide protection. Puppy and kitten shots will be given up to 16-20 weeks of age. From there on, vaccines will be given either annually or every 3 years given the adult dog or cats age.