Happy Fourth of July!!!

The Doctors and Staff at Fairgrounds Animal Hospital wish each and everyone of you a HAPPY, SAFE and FUN-FILLED holiday with your family, friends and pets.

With Fourth of July celebrations right around the corner, we thought these pet safety tips and these tips on how to keep your pets calm during fireworks and loud noises was worth sharing.

If you already know that your pet is frightened by loud noises produced by fireworks, you probably have already given some thought to providing your pet with a safe, secure and quiet place to go for the night. However, if your are a new pet owner you may not know yet if the fireworks will provide anxiety in your pet. Following the suggestions from these articles will help ensure that you and your pet have a fun and safe Fourth of July holiday.

These articles point out some of the less obvious risks that your pet may be exposed to during the holiday like exposure to insect repellent and ingestion of table scraps and alcohol. If you think that your pet may have ingested any harmful items, or is showing signs of distress contact us or Animal Emergency Center for immediate assistance.