National Spoil Your Dog Day


August 10th is National Spoil Your Dog Day, a day for dog owners to spoil their for legged friends. In honor of this holiday Fairgrounds Animal Hospital has put together a list of ways you can make this holiday special for your pooch. 

Dish Out a Special Treat

This is the perfect opportunity to prepare a special meal for your pooch. Keep it healthy by combining their favorite foods with some flavorful fruits and vegetables or natural dog treats.


Create an Adventure

Some dogs don’t get out much, and that’s just plain wrong. Try taking your furry pals out for a car ride. Put your windows down, fasten your pups securely in a seat restraint (it’s true, they make car seats and seat belts for dogs), and watch the jubilation on their faces as the wind blows through their hair. Want to make it an extra special car ride? Take them to a friend’s place, a party, or maybe even an outdoor mall, where you can shop while they meet some other friendly dogs.


Head to the Dog Park

There are few better places to find other dog owners spending time with their furry BFFs. Mix and mingle and have your dog play with other dogs. Simple social interaction can be important for the development of your dog, not to mention a great deal of fun.


Find a Special Doggy Event

Summer is full of events where you can take your dog. In fact, around this time of year, some baseball parks have “Bark in the Park” events, when baseball fans can bring their pets to the game. It doesn’t have to be a sporting event, of course, rather just something special and fun you can share with your buddy.


Give Your Pup New Dog Toys or Fashion Accessories

Who doesn’t like swag? Change your tail-wagger’s look, or give her a shiny new accessory to show off. Did a much loved stuffed toy stop squeaking recently? Buy a new one and watch your pet have a blast. And if your dog’s more of a foodie, try gifting him some dog bones or dog treats.


Get Wet

It can be as simple as taking a walk on the beach or along the edge of a lake. For the more active dogs, introduce them to your favorite water sports.


Throw a Puppy Party

If you have friends with dogs, invite them and their pets over. Make it a special day of social interaction your dog can spend with his or her friends, and maybe even meet new ones, to boot.


Take Your Dog to Work

Give them a break from waiting for you to come home by showing them what you do every day. Maybe they’ll be more sympathetic when you come home at the end of a tough day and give you some extra licks.


Make it a Spa Day

Find a pet spa that offers grooming, massages, pedicures, etc., and treat your pooch to some high-class living. It’s only fair they enjoy some pampering too, right?


Keep It Special

No one knows your dog better than you. You probably know what he or she loves even more than they do. The most important thing is that you make the day extra special. After all, it is Spoil Your Dog Day.