Pet Dental Care

Like people, good dental hygiene (pet dental care) is critical for a healthy lifestyle. Dental disease is one of the most common problems encountered in veterinary medicine on a day to day basis. When assessing the health of the teeth, veterinarians also look at the health of the gums around the teeth and use dental radiographs to assess the tooth roots and bone around the teeth that are not visible on a routine oral exam.

Good Dental Hygiene and Pet Dental Care is Critical for your Pet to Have a Happy Lifestyle.

Bacteria accumulate on dog’s teeth from food, playing with toys and grooming themselves. Over time, that bacteria calcifies and turns to hard tartar, which is more difficult to remove by just brushing the teeth. These bacteria can move below the gum line and cause infection around the teeth, abscess at the tooth root and softening of the bone around the teeth.

Many times, oral x-rays are needed to fully assess the extent of the dental disease. While teeth can look healthy and clean on the crown or surface of the tooth, the root could be diseased and cause pain and discomfort to the dog or cat. In order to get the best results, dogs and cats have to be under general anesthesia for dental x-rays.

Unlike people, dogs and cats don’t stay still and say “Ahhh” during a dental cleaning.

Unlike people, dogs and cats don’t stay still and say “Ahhh” during a dental cleaning; therefore, general anesthesia is required to fully assess the mouth. The tartar is removed by an ultrasonic scaler to better assess the gum line of the teeth. Each tooth is then assessed for mobility or bone loss around the tooth, indicating disease. If these are found, the tooth likely needs to be extracted. The remaining teeth are then polished using animal-appropriate tooth paste. Here at Fairgrounds Animal Hospital, we use local anesthetic blocks in the nerves associated with the teeth to aid in comfort for the pet after the dental procedure.

At home dental care is very important for your pet.

At home care is also very important for dental health. Brushing the teeth is the best way to remove bacteria and prevent tartar build up. Some dental chews can also be beneficial to prevent tartar build up and freshen breath. Ask your veterinarian at Fairgrounds Animal Hospital for a free dental consultation to assess the health of your pet’s teeth!