Pet Dental Superstar | Mr. Rogers

Mr. Roger’s Story

mr-rogers-fairgrounds-animal-hospital     Mr. Roger’s mom had his teeth scaled and polished under anesthesia in 2013 because they had tartar build up, which can cause gum disease, infection, and abscesses along with devitalized or dead and rotten teeth that need to be extracted. After his dental, Mr. Roger’s mom tried to brush his teeth as we advised, but she had no one around the house to help out and he just wouldn’t let her do it alone!

Instead of giving up, Mr. Roger’s mom worked with us and we decided to have him in weekly to brush his teeth and apply a sealant to keep it fresh all week long. With this maintenance plan, Mr. Rogers has not needed another scale and polish or any extractions ever since, and it’s been 3 years!

We can help you achieve the same success by establishing the current oral health of your pet and making you a customized plan to get you on track! Just like Mr. Rogers, your pet’s oral health plan may need to start with a dental scaling and polishing, but if you can maintain your pet’s teeth as well as Mr. Roger’s mom has, you can expect a happier, healthier (and fresher smelling) pet for a long time to come!

Ask us today about a complimentary dental health exam with our techs and more information on preventative dental care!