Starting Good Dental Habits Early Cat and Dog Teeth Cleaning

By Tamara Kees

Brushing your pet’s teeth is the first step for dental care for your pet.

Good pet dental care is as important for our pets as it is for us, and starting early makes it a healthy habit your dog or cat is far more likely to tolerate!

Cat & Dog Teeth Cleaning is Important! Good Pet Dental Care Will Help Keep Your Pet Healthy!!!

For puppies and kittens, starting out with quick sessions can be a good way to gently introduce the idea of brushing. Using tuna juice or pet toothpaste on a little piece of gauze with your finger at first, and then working up to a toothbrush as your pet gets used to the concept is a good, gradual way to go. Rewarding with a lot of praise and treats also positively reinforces the experience! Brushing only really needs to be done for about 30 seconds each side, in 5-10 second chunks. The sides of the teeth facing the cheek are what you primarily should focus on, since the tongue constantly rubs that inner surface of the teeth. Brushing every day is optimal, but even brushing 3 times a week will make a huge difference in oral health. With practice, consistency, and patience, many pets come to tolerate brushing very well—and some really enjoy it!


If you have adopted an adult dog or cat, or if you want to start brushing an adult pet’s teeth that you have had in your family since puppy or kitten-hood, it’s never too late! Your pet may be in need of cat or dog teeth cleaning.  It may take a little more patience and time, but it is definitely worth it to grant your pet good health and save your family a lot of money (from expensive dental surgery) down the road. Fairgrounds Animal Hospital and many other hospitals offer complimentary dental exams, which usually include brushing lessons, sample dental products, and estimates if a deep scaling and potential surgical tooth extraction may be needed before a brushing regimen will be effective.