Summer Pet Safety Tips

is your pet safe this summer - fairgorunds animal hospitalThere are many things to think about this summer in terms of keeping your pet safe. Here are some summer pet safety tips that we here at Fairgrounds Animal Hospital hope will keep your pets happy, healthy and having fun:

Do You Take Your Pet Camping or Hiking?

Great! Please make sure they are covered when it comes to ticks and heartworms. There are most likely mosquitoes where you are pitching your tent, and mosquitoes are the carrier for heartworm that can be life threatening for dogs and cats. Ticks have been seen in our area, and are certainly in the mountains and forests. If a tick is on your dog for more than 24 hours, it can transmit disease. 

Summer Time is Hot!

With the summertime heat, pavement and asphalt become scorching. Please keep an eye on your dog’s pads when out on walks or hanging out with friends as they can be very sensitive and can get burned. Most pets stores have booties for your pet that will help protect their sensitive pads. If they ground is too hot for your hand, it’s too hot for your dogs pads!! 

Along With Burned Pads, Watch for Signs of Overheating in Your Dogs.

Your animals can get heat stroke just as easily as you can. Excessive panting, exercise intolerance, lethargy, reddened gums are all signs you may see. If you notice these, please get your dog to a veterinarian as soon as possible. Until then, get your dog drinking water and get them cooled down slowly. Please bring enough water to keep you pet well hydrated.

You May Have a White Nosed or White Skinned Dog.

If they are outside under the sun frequently, they can sunburn just like you can. Think about putting sunscreen on your pet after yourself and your children. Children’s sunscreen is the best, but make sure that your dog doesn’t lick the sunscreen off.

If You’re Traveling With Your Dog.

Please make sure that your drive safely as most dogs don’t have seat belts. If you have a truck, please don’t let them roam free in the bed. If you must put them in the bed of your truck, please make sure that they are secured either in a cage or with a leash that does not allow them to get close to the sides and possibly jump out. Also, check that the truck beds are not hot to the touch.

Foxtails are Out in Full Force This Summer!!

Please check your pet’s paws and legs after they have been outside. If there is one burrowed in a paw, please let the veterinarian know. Other places that foxtails can hide are in the ears or the back of throats. If you notice gagging, excessive licking, or if your dog is suddenly shaking it’s head and trying to scratch its ears, please take them in to see your veterinarian as soon as possible.

We hope that these summer safety tips help you keep your pets happy and healthy this summer.