Puppy Vaccines


The staff at Fairgrounds Animal Hospital loves welcoming fresh new faces to our hospital. Adorable puppies and kittens make our day, always bringing smiles to every team member.

Within the first few days of adopting your puppy , it is very important to have your pet seen by a veterinarian for a complete nose-to-tail examination.

When Puppies are born and are nursing from their mothers, they are given an uncertain amount of immunity called maternal antibodies. How long they last is up to the individual animal. The antibodies leave the body at different times therefore it’s hard to determine when each puppy or kitten is protected against which disease. It’s important to vaccinate starting at 8 weeks of age; this is when most maternal antibodies could be starting to leave the animal’s system. It’s also important to not assume that giving one vaccine will provide protection. Puppy and kitten shots will be given up to 16-20 weeks of age. From there on, vaccines will be given either annually or every 3 years given the adult dog or cats age.