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Call Fairgrounds Animal Hospital offers Urgent Care and Emergency services for your pets in the Reno/Sparks area. Call our office at (775) 329-4106 for more information.

It’s 5 pm on a Friday evening and you have just come home from a long day at work. When you walk in the door, you notice that your intact (not spayed), female dog is lethargic, painful and vomiting. You rush her to your veterinarian’s office for an urgent care visit and they diagnose her with a pyometra. They explain that a pyometra is an infected uterus and the best chance she has for survival is a $1000-2000 emergency surgery to remove the infected uterus or it can become life threatening.

Fairgrounds Animal Hospital offers Urgent Care and Emergency Services for your pets in the Reno/Sparks area.


Spay Neuter After Care

What to Expect:

Spay Procedure Fairgrounds Animal HospitalKnowing what to expect for your pet’s spay neuter procedure will make the process much less stressful. Here is what you can expect for your pets spay or neuter. Please call our office or stop by if you have questions about spaying or neutering your pet or would like to schedule an appointment.


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Summer Safety Tips for Pets

summer dogWe all love spending the long, sunny days of summer outdoors with our pets, but we have to be careful with our pets in the hot weather. Here are some summer safety tips to keep you pet safe this summer:
Provide fresh drinking water at all times, indoors and outdoors.
Safe outdoor temperatures for pets vary by breed and size.
Dogs with “stubby” noses or what’s known as brachealcephalic, can’t cool down as fast or as good as one with a longer snout.
Do not walk/ exercise your pet mid day. Heat from the sun not only beats down on you and your dog but also concrete or asphalt. If your hand cannot remain a few seconds on the pavement without you removing it, then your pet’s feet should not be on it!   Burns can occur and severely damage the bottom paw pads, this can be very painful and result in your pet’s inability to walk, or stand. Be aware that they cannot verbalize that they/ or their feet are too hot.


Urgent Care and Walk-In Exams

If you notice your animal has a wound, please call Fairgrounds Animal Hospital at 775-329-4106 and bring your animal in for an Urgent Care exam.

In addition to scheduled appointments, the Doctors at Fairgrounds Animal Hospital also see Urgent care/walk-in exams on a daily basis. Dog and cat fight wounds and bites are unfortunately a frequent occurrence we see year-round. Often times, the fight may be between animals from the same family but can also be from another dog at the dog park or walking along the street. It is important to keep your animals updated on his or her rabies vaccine in case they are bit by another animal or they bite another dog, cat or human, as this can lead to state-regulated quarantine or, in the unfortunate case of an un-vaccinated pet, euthanasia. Continue…

Starting Good Dental Habits Early Cat and Dog Teeth Cleaning

By Tamara Kees

Brushing your pet’s teeth is the first step for dental care for your pet.

Good pet dental care is as important for our pets as it is for us, and starting early makes it a healthy habit your dog or cat is far more likely to tolerate!

Cat & Dog Teeth Cleaning is Important! Good Pet Dental Care Will Help Keep Your Pet Healthy!!!

For puppies and kittens, starting out with quick sessions can be a good way to gently introduce the idea of brushing. Using tuna juice or pet toothpaste on a little piece of gauze with your finger at first, and then working up to a toothbrush as your pet gets used to the concept is a good, gradual way to go. Rewarding with a lot of praise and treats also positively reinforces the experience! Brushing only really needs to be done for about 30 seconds each side, in 5-10 second chunks. The sides of the teeth facing the cheek are what you primarily should focus on, since the tongue constantly rubs that inner surface of the teeth. Brushing every day is optimal, but even brushing 3 times a week will make a huge difference in oral health. With practice, consistency, and patience, many pets come to tolerate brushing very well—and some really enjoy it! Continue…

Thanksgiving Pet Safety Tips


Thanksgiving is such a wonderful and meaningful holiday. Families and friends gather together to show gratitude for all that they are so fortunate to have. Your Reno Animal Hospital,  Fairgrounds Animal Hospital would would like to offer some Thanksgiving pet safety tips to keep the Happy in Happy Thanksgiving for you and your pets.

  • If you are traveling or just hosting guests at home for the Thanksgiving holiday, make sure that your pet is wearing athankgiving safety tips - fairgrounds animal hospital collar with ID tags with your current contact information.
  • Update your pets microchip, if your pet is not microchipped, call our office to make an appointment for your pet today!!
  • If you are leaving town without your pet, use a good pet sitter or boarding facility. Do not leave your pets alone or unattended for days – accidents can happen!!
  • Explain to guests to be careful at doors. If your pet will dash for the door, keep him/her in another room while guests are coming in or out.
  • Make sure that you pet get his or her regular exercise and playtime whether with you or with a pet sitter for the Thanksgiving holiday.
  • Keep toys and treats on hand when hosting guests to distract pets and reward good behavior.
  • Supervise all interactions between pets and kids for everyone’s safety.
  • If your are hosting Thanksgiving guests, remind them not to feed your pet table scraps.
  • Does your pet table surf? Keep your pet occupied in another room while you do the cooking.
  • After the meal, remove all the trash and bones immediately. Curious pets can cause themselves serious harm chewing on sharp bones.

Pet Halloween Safety Tips

Happy Halloween - Fairgrounds Animal HospitalMost people when they think of Halloween don’t readily think of pet Halloween safety. Halloween can be one of the funnest holidays of the year for you and your pets, it can also be one of the most dangerous for your pets. When getting ready to celebrate Halloween with your pets. Here are some Halloween safety tips to keep your pet safe this Halloween.

1.Black Cats Beware

It is important to keep all pets, especially black cats, indoor on Halloween. Cat or dogs wandering the streets on Halloween are at risk for getting lost, hit by a car, abducted, injured or taunted by trick or treaters. Continue…

Superstar Pet Abby

Abby-Weight Loss-Fairgrounds Animal Hospital

Abby is Fairgrounds Animal Hospitals superstar pet this week!!! Abby has lost 10 pounds and is doing a great job on her weight loss routine. We couldn’t be more proud of her for all of her hard work!! A combination of medication, special diet and exercise are helping Abby reach her goal weight. Abby is an older girl but her recent weight loss has her acting like a puppy. Great job Abby, keep up the good work!!!

Pet Teeth Cleaning

Have you ever wondered what a dental procedure or pet teeth cleaning is like for your dog or cat? Most humans have their teeth cleaned twice a year by a dentist, and it is important that our pets have their teeth cleaned by a dentist regularly, too. Pet teeth cleanings and dental procedures are a little different from human cleanings, though. To give you an idea of what a dental cleaning is like for your pet, here’s a step-by-step breakdown.

After their teeth cleaning or dental procedure your pet will leave with beautiful, clean teeth, but they will not stay that way. You have to help maintain your pet’s oral health by brushing his/her teeth and following staff recommendations.

November is Dental Month at Fairgrounds Animal Hospital. We offer 10% off all dental services during the month of November. Our schedule books up fast so call our office at (775) 329-4106 to schedule your appointment today.

Senior Pet Wellness & Bloodwork

IMG_20150918_092616 (1)Senior Wellness Blood Chemistries

Did you know that, depending on the size, your dog or cat ages about 5-7 times more rapidly than you do? Getting a senior pet wellness exam every year for a large dog is equivalent to an exam every 7 years! Because our pets age differently than we do, it is important to make sure our senior pets who seem healthy on the outside are truly healthy on the inside. The same metabolic changes that occur in us start to happen in our pets as they become geriatric – usually around 7 years old! These changes can bring on disease and organ degeneration. Unfortunately, because of their genetic history as animals vulnerable to predators, our pets tend to hide symptoms of pain and discomfort, so visible symptoms may not occur in your pet until disease is quite advanced, and the pet’s lifespan can be dramatically shortened by that time. Early disease and arthritic changes are also easier and much less expensive to treat or halt than advanced diseases in the long run. Continue…