Take Your Dog to Work Day

National Take Your Dog to Work DayJune 20th is Take Your Dog to Work Day !

Does your heart break a little every time you leave your dog at home during the workweek? Well, today is your lucky day! An organization called Pet Sitters International declared the first Take Your Dog to Work Day in 1999. The purpose of this unique holiday is to celebrate our furry best friends, and to encourage pet adoption. Each year on the Friday after Father’s Day, thousands of work places including Fairgrounds Animal Hospital participate in this nationwide event.

Some Tips for Take Your Dog to Work Day

  •  make sure your pup has everything they need, including a food bowl, leash, and carrier if applicable.
  • Make sure they are current on all vaccines.
  •  Make sure they are properly socialized.
  • Have a back-up plan in case they need to be removed from your workplace for any reason.

To celebrate Take Your Dog to Work Day, take your pooch to the office! You can also visit the Take Your Dog to Work Day website to learn more and send your pics of your pups at work to fairgroundsanimalhospital@gmail.com be posted on our website, Facebook and Twitter

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