Ultrasounds at Fairgrounds Animal Hospital

A pet ultrasound at Fairgrounds Animal Hospital.

Ultrasounds are used at Fairgrounds Animal Hospital to diagnose or rule out many issues and conditions.

Are you curious about pet ultrasounds?

There are many reasons that your pet’s veterinarian might request to do an ultrasound for your pet. Veterinary medicine has come leaps and bounds in the past 20 years—and the ultrasound is a prime example of one of the most useful advances. Thanks to ultrasound, we can look inside the body where we used to have to go in surgically to explore. Ultrasound works by bouncing sound waves off of the tissues and creating an image. The lighter the color, the more dense the tissue. Ultrasounds are difficult to interpret and require a trained specialist’s eye. Ultrasound is useful for diagnosing or ruling out many issues and conditions, including liver and kidney issues, pregnancy, bladder or kidney stones, and tumors. Ultrasound also reveals the density, size, shape, and position of organs in the abdomen to look for abnormalities that could lead to a diagnosis without the need for exploratory surgery.

What to expect when your pet has an ultrasound exam scheduled at Fairgrounds Animal Hospital.

If your pet has been scheduled for an ultrasound at Fairgrounds Animal Hospital, here are some important things that your should know, so you and your pet know what to expect.


  1. You should not feed your pet before the ultrasound. Patients with an empty stomach are easier to examine, because there is no food or gas in the stomach or intestines to interfere with the ultrasound.
  2. Your pet will be taken into the ultrasound room without you; the staff must restrain your pet, so that they are still during the exam. This allows for a quicker exam, better images and a better chance for obtaining useful information. Pets can anxious when their owners are present and most pets do well without their owners present for the exam.
  3. Your pets hair will need to be shaved. For an abdominal ultrasound it will be the whole abdominal area.
  4. An ultrasound exam can take between 30 -60 minutes, depending on what the ultrasound is for. You may choose to leave your pet, depending on your schedule and the schedule of our hospital.
  5. You will be reunited with your pet to discuss the findings with your pet’s veterinarian.