Why Spay or Neuter?

Most pet owners spay or neuter their pets, but some choose to wait because they want to breed or they aren’t sure they want to have any surgery done on their pet. The idea of surgery can be very intimidating-but I can reassure you that spays and neuters are very common surgeries with low rates of complications, and technological advances in veterinary medicine make anesthetic protocol and monitoring comparable to the safety of human medicine. Our experienced veterinarians here at Fairgrounds Animal Hospital have performed many of these surgeries routinely and are extremely skilled. 

However, if you know this already, but the situation is only that your pet is now an intact adult or senior – I can tell you some great news! Not only is it not too late to have it done, it’s an important consideration for you and your pet.

Here’s why:

  • Pets who are neutered have much lower risk of prostate issues and cancer, no risk of testicular cancer (in males), no risk of uterine or ovarian cancer (in females), lowered risk of mammary tumors and cancer, and no risk of a deadly uterine infection called pyometra. The risk of these issues and illnesses increases with age, so the sooner you spay or neuter, the better!
  • Pets who are spayed or neutered display less hormonal aggression, roaming, and marking behaviors that are unwanted by owners.
  • Pets who are spayed and neutered help reduce pet overpopulation in areas where pets are being put to sleep because there are no homes for them all.
  • Economically and preventatively speaking, spaying and neutering your pet costs between $200 and $400 dollars and is a one time expense you can plan for – it is also a controlled and usually very safe procedure. An unexpected illness, cancer, or injury from fighting and roaming can cost thousands of dollars, and the outcomes of these disasters are often very poor – many of them are often fatal.

All in all, spaying and neutering is an easy, cost-effective, and normally very safe way to give your pet a long, happy, and healthy life!

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