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Friendly Guidance to Keep Your Pet Happy & Healthy


Fairgrounds Animal Hospital is a full-service veterinary hospital with many years of experience treating dogs, cats, and rabbits. We also offer limited services for veterinary treatment of pocket pets.

Veterinarians Who Care About Informing You

When it comes to your pet’s health, your questions and concerns are very important to our staff. Our friendly and understanding veterinary team always looks to empower our pet owners with educational tips about the very best techniques they can employ to keep their pets healthier and happier.

During appointments, veterinarians are happy to discuss any concerns you might have regarding the health of your pet.

Growing puppies and kittens have very special health needs. Fairgrounds professional staff loves to help pet owners, especially first-timers, get settled into healthy routines with their young buddies.

Veteran pet owners also know that as pets progress through life stages, their health needs change and develop as well. Senior pets, in particular, have many significant health concerns pet owners should be on the look out for.

We’ve developed a few comprehensive guides for what pet owners should bear in mind as they care for pets, young and old. However, we highly recommend you meet with a pet health professional at Fairgrounds Animal Hospital to begin building a relationship with our veterinary staff.

Contact us today to speak with a staff member about making an appointment. We’ll be there for you through every stage of your pet’s life!