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Puppy & Kitten Care


The staff at Fairgrounds Animal Hospital loves welcoming fresh new faces to our facility. Adorable puppies and kittens make our day, always bringing smiles to every team member.

Within the first few days of adopting your puppy or kitty, it is very important to have your pet seen by a veterinarian for a complete nose-to-tail examination.

Young pets have developing immune systems, and pet owners should take advantage of the fantastic preventive care methods available. For example, vaccinations are an excellent way of boosting your puppy or kitten’s immune system to protect them against a number of illnesses, such as distemper, parvo, or rabies.

Many of the recommended vaccines for young pets are listed on our wellness and vaccinations section. Some young animals may require other vaccinations, depending on their lifestyle and residency.

At your first appointment, you should also speak with the doctor about spaying or neutering your pet. For those concerned about the cost of spaying or neutering, call our offices to speak with someone about available financial assistance programs.