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Caring for Senior Dogs & Cats


Today, fantastic advances in medical treatments are keeping pets alive for longer than ever before. Like humans, however, pets require additional care as they age.

We understand how important senior pets are as members of your family, and we strive to provide you with the best health care to keep your pets by your side for as long as possible.

There is no set date for when a dog or cat becomes a senior pet. However, annual wellness checkups with our veterinarians enable our doctors to approximate when care for your pets needs to alter slightly to reflect your pet's aging.

As pets get older, they tend to develop certain conditions unique to older animals. In particular, many older pets experience issues with pain management just as aging humans tend to suffer from aching joints and sore muscles. Our veterinarians can work with you to develop lifestyle plans suitable for managing your pet’s pain, including coming up with nutrition and exercise routines.

There are a number of signs, including appetite changes and extreme lethargy, that your geriatric pet may be experiencing health complications. has a complete list of symptoms to look out for.

The importance of a balanced, nutritional diet and regular exercise cannot be understated when caring for your aging pets. Though you may notice at times that your pet seems to be slowing down, getting out and playing around helps keep pets youthful and lengthens their lifespan significantly.