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Small Exotic Pet Care for Reno NV


Fairgrounds Animal Hospital is an exotic pet veterinarian in Reno, NV, and treats a wide variety of pets, from guinea pigs and ferrets to rabbits and birds, with quality veterinary care.

Domestic small exotic animals can be loving and fun pets who make a wonderful addition to your family. Just like our dogs and cats, they need good healthcare too! There are a few health considerations to keep in mind when you have an exotic pet in Reno. Here is an overview on the qualities and care of some of these intelligent, beautiful, and interesting exotic animals.

Rats and mice can be fun pets to have in the household, and great companions for families. They are very smart—especially rats—and can learn tricks. They have incisors (front teeth) that grow continuously their whole lives, which are kept short by frequent chewing. Rats can sometimes develop illnesses that require veterinary services, like upper respiratory infections or masses under their skin.

Sugar gliders are fun critters to have in the home. They are marsupials, in the same class as kangaroos. They were named for their ability to glide through the air with special flaps of skin on their sides! Though they are nocturnal, sugar gliders can form a strong bond to their owners. Sugar gliders can require veterinary care if they ever become sick. Proper husbandry (care-taking), including nutrition, is very important to make sure your sugar glider lives a long and healthy life.

Hamsters are great pets for children and families. These cute little furballs are hard to resist! They are very active and like to play with their owners—they can even be taught to do tricks and respond to their names! Hamsters can get a variety of infections or vitamin deficiencies that require veterinary care that we can gladly provide at Fairgrounds Animal Hospital.

Guinea pigs can be great companions for kids and entire families. These funny little creatures can be very affectionate once you gain their trust, and they have a lifespan of up to 7 years! Guinea pigs can get a variety of illness including pneumonia and mites on their skin. If your guinea pig is acting abnormally, you can bring them in to Fairgrounds Animal Hospital for an exam.

HedgehogHedgehogs are fun animals to have at home and can be an entertaining part of the family. They are fast little critters that can run more than six feet in one second! Each hedgehog has 5,000-7,000 spines, which fall out and get replaced just like our hair. Sometimes hedgehogs can have problems with their spines (often incorrectly referred to as “quills”) or have neurological problems that require veterinary care.

RabbitRabbits are exciting pets to have in the home. They love to play and jump, and they even jump and spin in the air (a behavior called “popcorning”) when they are happy! Rabbits are very clean and can even be litter trained. Rabbits, like mice and rats, also have ever-growing incisors. Sometimes, rabbits can have dental problems that can lead to troubles with digestion, called GI stasis. This is an emergency and requires immediate veterinary care.

FerretsFerrets are full of energy and are entertaining animals to have around the house. Some ferrets have difficulty regulating their blood sugar levels or get gastrointestinal problems. Here at Fairgrounds Animal Hospital, we can examine your ferret and help them feel happy and healthy again, offering care and vaccines specific to ferrets.

Chinchillas are also nocturnal animals that can be a great pet for families. They require special material to give themselves “dust baths” and for a certain temperature to be maintained in their home environment. It is important to bring your chinchillas in for exams to make sure they are not having any dental problems or behavior issues like excessive grooming, which can lead to hair loss.

BirdsBirds are wonderful companions and can bring happiness to any household. Some birds require frequent beak or nail trimmings. If you don’t want your feathery friend to fly away from home, the wings can even be clipped to limit their flying time. Schedule an appointment today for an exam and any extra treatments they may need.

ReptileReptiles are fun pets for kids and teenagers to have around the house. They have many needs including proper diet and housing, and many need special lighting to help them maintain normal vitamins and healthy bone density.

ReptileHere at Fairgrounds Animal Hospital, we see a variety of reptiles, including Iguanas, Bearded dragons, Turtles and Tortoises, Chameleons, Geckos, Snakes, and more. We are proud to be an exotic pet veterinarian, and can help you take care of your scaly friends so they live long, healthy lives.

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