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Pet Microchipping for Safety & Peace of Mind


The team at Fairgrounds simply cannot stress this enough: get your pets microchipped! It’s a simple procedure, and it is absolutely the most effective method of returning a lost pet to you.

As pet owners, we’re sure that you can’t imagine what life would be like if your dog or cat lost its way home. You’d be worried sick, and without microchipping, it is very difficult to locate a lost animal.

It used to be that pet owners had reservations about microchipping their pets. Some people believed a lot of myths about the procedure, including that pet microchipping is painful or expensive. Today, however, pet microchipping is considered a standard in preventive health care. Many pets have been happily reunited with their owners thanks to this wonderful technological tool.

Fairgrounds Animal Hospital’s professional staff even recommends microchipping your indoor cats to safeguard against unanticipated escapes.

The peace of mind you’ll find after microchipping your pet makes this simple and relatively inexpensive operation well worth the time and money.

Love to Travel With Your Furry Friends?

Dogs and cats that travel frequently should certainly be microchipped to increase the odds of having pet lost on a trip be found and returned to you.

For pets living in Reno, getting lost from home is the top cause of unexpected death. When it comes to pet microchipping, think of the procedure as another huge way you’ve protected your pet’s life.